Snake Hips, Red City Kiss

and besides, you can't believe without bleeding

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imperfectlypeachy asked: #2,#9

#2 Alcohol or coffee? It used to be beer for sure (miss u Yuengling) but recently I haven’t been drinking much beer or alcohol at all. I’ve definitely turned into a coffee drinker. With that being said, I am very ready to have some (a lot of) drinks tonight.

#9 3 current feelings… Well first would be happy for sure, because my sister and I are planning my surprise visit to NJ for next weekend… I’m in my cousin’s wedding but I haven’t been able to make it home for any celebrations yet. Next weekend is the bachelorette party and I’m going! My sisters and my best friends are the only ones who know.
I also feel pretty lucky that I have such an amazing family who will fly me back home so I can spend time with everyone (and play with their new puppies!!!) and a boyfriend who doesn’t mind having solo crazy dog duty while I fly off to NJ on a weeks notice. They’re all pretty great.
And lastly I’m feeling really anxious to get out of this office for a few day! We have no plans other than giving the apartment a good cleaning and I can’t wait to just lay around with Brad and the dogs all weekend.