Snake Hips, Red City Kiss

and besides, you can't believe without bleeding

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While I was in Maine, I hiked up a mountain. Like, a legit mountain. I’ve never hiked like that before. With Cliffs and crazy rebar and being just a little bit horrified everytime I looked over the edge and realized what I was doing. About half way up I took the lead and was the first one up to the top, and it was probably the best that I’ve felt in a really long time.

It was amazing.

I know that things in my life still are really far from where I’d like them to be, but I’ve been pushing myself to be better. To feel better. And things have been good. Better than good. And I’ve been happy. Way more often than not, I’ve been happy. The people in my life have been making it the easiest for me. And certain ones keep me smiling all day long. I just really want to keep this feeling going. It’s pretty great, ya know?

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  1. upanddowns said: look at you using hiking terms and shit. GO GURL
  2. amasianmom said: oh goodness you are the prettiest lady ever! :) so happy for you!
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